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Conflict ResolutionFrequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of ‘Amani’?

Amani Means Peace
Amani means peace in both Arabic and Swahili. I chose the name for many reasons. First, I used to live and work in Africa as a social scientist, and I left a part of my heart there. Second the war and civil strife in Africa has become devastating and the impact on families and children horrendous.

The name Amani reminds me of this and of how easily a lack of empathy can ignite conflict in homes, schools, and communities anywhere in the world. The name Amani is representative of my commitment to promoting peace at all levels and in all places.

Jill Cantor Lee

What Happens in an Equine Assisted Therapy Session?

At Amani Mediation and Counseling, Equine Assisted Therapy sessions are built around the individual needs of clients. Every client’s experience is unique and life coaching is personalized for children, teens and youth, adults, and groups. To learn more, please read Equine Assisted Psychotherapy: What to Expect in a Therapy Session with Horses.

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